Misc. Delco Greenway Plans

Link Middleton Plan

Found in on the Middleton Township is an amazing plan to link together a lot of trails / parks called Link Middleton (GIS site) and there is a great page about it here too.

Greenway Plans from Various Agencies

This page contains a collection of Greenway, Blueway, Parkway or bikeway plans from a variety of Federal, State, local, non-profits, and whatever agencies ! Many of them are in PDF form, and/or may need to be re-uploaded if the link expires. Contact info@delcogreenway.com if any of them no longer work.

gray concrete wall inside building
gray concrete wall inside building
Greenway Plan for the Darby Creek Watershed

Found in a dank corner of a carefully crafted google search, this is a PDF document from 2010 on a greenway concepts around Darby Creek

Delaware County Open Space, Recreation, and Greenway Plan

Easy to find on Deleware County website, this is the official 2015 Plan for Deleware County (Delco) . We have links to the parent page for it as well as the direct PDF link to it.

Delaware County Bicycle Plan

Oh, those wacky 2010's and their ambitious plans. Here is the 2009 Delaware County Bicycle Plan (main site) as well as the janky rendering problems (direct-pdf)

Middleton Township Greenway Page

Middleton Township has a great page outlining it's own Greenway plan, but all of the individual trails are in PDF format, but they have great data on them

Also the Chester Creek Trail (or Chester Creek Branch Trail?) has it's own website !

Delaware County Bicycle Plan

The Circut Trails team has a great overview of zooming out on the situation, as well as a clear action plan (PDF) of priorities. Their interactive map is pretty amazing as a way to find trails

Weirdly good Widget on Visit Delco

Over in the Visit Delco is an weirdly accurate / clear map of both parks and walking / biking trails. It seems to zoom-in / Show data in a weird way, so changing what park or trail to look at seems to change what you get to see in the mini-map. For example the Ridley Creek trail view is especially good.

Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philly

Greater Philly Bike Map (GIS site) also has a collection of trails that connect to or overlap into Deleware County.